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Stanislaus Fun Ride Sept 13, 03


Offering guided Dirt Bike and ATV tours of the best riding areas in the state of California.

2 Wheels and 4 Wheels welcome, I ride both.



California is the most beautiful state in the USA, and I can show you parts of it that few have ever seen.

I am the luckiest man alive. My trailer and all of my stuff was recovered. It turns out the trailer was a bit more weight than he could pull!! Should have bought a real truck moron!!!

Thankfully, we have everything back. Thank you to all that helped.

Whether it's single tracking through the pine trees, exploring the expansive National Forest, or running the dunes by the beach. I have spent hundreds of hours exploring the best riding areas in the state of California, and some of the worst! My experience can help plan your ideal Moto Adventure just the way you want it. From just a couple of buddies, to parties of up to 20, we can accommodate your Moto Adventure. If you are looking for a fun ride, or have a serious 12 hour day of riding in mind, let me help plan your perfect Moto Adventure.

Corporate Team Building packages available.

Trail Types
Pine Tree Forest Tent Single Track - motorcycles only (goat trails!!)
Rolling Oak Tree Hills RV Quad Track - 50" - 80"
Sand Dunes Hotel Forest Roads - dual sport
High Sierra Forest Trailer Logging Roads - US Forest Service
High Dessert Mountains   MX Track - public or private
Low Dessert Step   One Way Trails - OHV Areas
Redwood Forest   Rubicon Trail - Technical feats!

***All Moto Adventures include meals, drinks, and water. ATV Rentals available.

We no longer rent ATV's.




Riders are Responsible for the following:

Safety gear, Transportation to a coordinated area, and 2-stroke mix if needed.

A manditory safety check and orientation will be held prior to the beginning of the tour.