Owner's Choice Ride

Not sure how to start your Moto Adventure? Well look at some of the packaged rides below. Or customize a packaged ride, it's YOUR Moto Adventure.

When you arrive, coffee and juice will be available. But be ready to ride! We take a short loop out to warm up the bikes and bodies. We will stop long enough to get some replenishing liquids and a rest, as we gas your bike for the next ride. Lunch will be ready when we arrive from our long morning ride. We gas up your bikes and bodies again and we are off. The schedule is adjustable, I can put in 12 hrs of riding if you want, or just a few, it's your Moto Adventure. We can adjust to your needs. If your bike requires minor adjustments, no problem, just let us know. The package includes some action pictures of each rider and a group photo as well.

Day 1

Rider Orientation 8:00 8:30 (mandatory)
Ride 8:30 9:15 Short Warm up ride
Brunch 9:30 10:00
Ride 10:00 12:15 40 Miles + !!
Lunch 12:30 1:30
Ride 1:30 3:00 Medium ride, settle lunch
Snack 3:00 3:30
Ride 3:30 5:00 Ride til the sun drops
Diner 5:30 6:30
Ride ??? ??? If your bike is equipped

While you are out riding, we will take care of your tent and lay out your bag for you. Chairs will be ready for your relaxation and a fire will be going when you arrive. (Conditions permitting) There is always a cover up to protect you from the elements, sun or rain.

Day 2:

Wake-Up 8:00 8:30 Early ride available if requested
Breakfast 8:30 9:15
Ride 9:30 11:00 Medium ride
Snack 11:00 11:30
Ride 11:30 1:00 Medium ride
Lunch 1:00 2:00
Ride 2:00 4:00 If you have the energy!

When the trip is done, the map is yours to keep. I will mark on it each route that was taken and the order so you know exactly where you were. I will also mark the spot where your photos were taken, all part of this package.

Package price: $200 per rider, 4 rider minimum

**discounts for more riders and riders under 16 yrs, call or e-mail for a quote

  • All riders are responsible for:
    • Safety gear
    • Tent & Sleeping Bag
    • Transportation of your bike to a designated area
    • 2-Stroke mix & Gas
    • Your Moto Adventure attitude!!
  • Alcohol is not served, but feel free to bring a small cooler for after the ride